Learn to Hope is dedicated to retraining long-term unemployed residents and finding them meaningful, skilled, and sustainable employment on a not-for-profit basis.

We trade for the good of the community by investing in the potential of residents.

Our background is based on delivering public services at reduced costs, with greater efficiency with higher productivity.  

So when we design programmes we use new technology and modern techniques to change established services. Our director level experience helps organisations.

Our Team

Neehara, Operations Director started in April 2017, ready to design services and create new opportunities.

Carly, back to work as part time agent full time resident; Paul, income expert, restricted to working from home and both took up paid positions with Learn to Hope in May 2017.



We create different kinds of training and employment opportunities by collaborating with other organisations to convert a single full time role into 3 or 4 part time placements. In one year, for each organisation, we expect 6-8 residents onto the programme.

We use these opportunities to encourage residents to retrain off site, guided and inducted into various offices. We help and support them whilst they adapt, learn new skills and grow in confidence. This includes specific job training and orientation into new work environments.

At Learn to Hope we place volunteers into part time paid roles which suit their personal circumstances. Many will gradually return to full time paid employment within a few months.

Back to Work

We maintain contact to maximise their chances of permanent success. After success, we open out for another placement. We aim to get 12 residents back to work in one year.


Learn to Hope converts existing resources into several placements helping residents get back to sustainable working lives.

Our model shows that benefits outweigh how organisations use existing costs and get greater returns for the same or less resources.

Learn to Hope produces a community development model that categorically pays for itself and drives greater efficiency within your organisation. Guaranteeing value for money while proving that the benefits of helping residents back into work costs less than your current service.

We don't expect organisations  to become burdened with managing placements, we manage that for you. Your managers will release more of their own time.