A Community Development programme that categorically pays for itself.

Learn to Hope have developed training and employment initiatives around housing management services. You can now buy hours or tasks for your own organisation. Landlords can also convert any temporary or vacant role towards the Learn to Hope programme. It saves you time and money.

Increase capacity and save resources

The scheme is designed to significantly increase capacity. It is quick, simple and effective to assign us work, and for us to maximise performance and quality through trained and dedicated staff. We blend our expertise.   

We modelled our costs against existing services for a Local Authority and Housing Association. Learn to Hope optimised contact levels, increased productivity and trained residents outside of the host landlord within the same costs.  This pilot models an income service and is only the start.

With new technology, income management is made simple, prioritised, allocated and monitored with ease. Residents are trained to call, collect and help customers keep up to date with rent payments.

The scheme is reciprocal and residents only work on contracts outside of their landlord, helping to simplify relationships by protecting confidentiality. Volunteer placements and trainee schemes are restricted to working outside of host organisations. We are keen to pilot Tenancy and ASB casework, Leasehold or Customer services.