Would my residents need to attend an office for training?

No, our trainers would train your residents in their own homes using online meeting, desktop sharing and video conferencing technology. 

Can you help to improve the employment prospects of residents living in remote locations or who have mobility issues?

We’re proud of our ability to accommodate residents’ unique situations:  our home working set-up would allow your residents who would otherwise struggle to find a position to suit them to enter employment. They do not need office space, just a quiet room at home and an Internet connection.

How would you keep my data safe? 

Your residents never have access to data relating to your other residents. 

Not only are our processes GDPR compliant but we ensure that all residents pass an independently accredited GDPR training course. This is taken under strict exam conditions and residents are frequently randomly retested.

Is it possible to purchase services without nominating residents?

It is. Please contact us for more information. We'll be delighted to have a no-obligation discussion with you.

 Can a resident's earnings be used to help clear their rent arrears?

Yes, they can. You may also find that residents' behaviours also improve as our programme boosts their self-esteem. 

  We shall continue to publish any further questions.