Our Training

It’s not possible to always possess the right level of resources. Our services ensure landlords can access a variety of additional resources as and when they need to, and in turn creates jobs for residents. 

The benefits for landlords

As well as directly funding Community Development & Training themselves, clients should be able to purchase services that also create jobs. 

Our clients are automatically enrolled into our resident training and employment programme for residents of their choice. LTH's highly experienced staff not only deliver our Quick Cover service but also deliver training to residents.

There are no additional charges in connection with our resident training and employment service.

How we help residents

Many residents who attend conventional training schemes end up in a short-term position, such as seasonal work, rather than in a long-term, continually rewarding role. Often, it doesn’t take long for them to be back where they started – out of work and at even more risk of not being able to meet their regular outgoings. 

By training residents to deliver services which are required all year round, we can offer residents quality employment which provides long-term stability. 

 Inclusive training and employment

Our method of training and employment enables us to accommodate residents with unique personal or geographic difficulties, allowing almost anyone to work again.

Residents are trained in their own home using online meetings, desktop sharing and video conferencing technology. They can then work from home, and we offer flexible hours which allow residents who would struggle to work conventional hours to enjoy a lasting and rewarding career.

All a resident needs to supply is their time, a willing and professional attitude and internet access.

 Of course, we can’t employ everyone we train and so we also work in partnership with recruitment agencies.