Our Aims

Our aim is to provide a unique service that fulfils a genuine business need and use it as an opportunity to fund getting more residents into employment 

  We have three main objectives:

  • To provide an unprecedented service that helps clients manage sickness, leave and absence, and provide continuity in the event of a major service disruption.
  • To pioneer a stronger association between the procurement of services and access to training and employment opportunities for residents.
  • To promote better access to Community Development and Training (CD&T) and create more opportunities for residents with challenging personal circumstances

Our Community Development and Training aims:

Most traditional Community Development and Training programmes are open to anyone but cannot be accessed by everyone.

We aim to create a resident training and employment model that:

  • Is more accessible, because we train people at home.
  • Is more flexible, because we can train people during the evening and at weekends (i.e. around the clock).
  • Can create employment as well as training opportunities.

We want to take the employment and training into the homes of single parents, parents with young children, carers, disabled residents and people who live in isolated communities. And support residents whilst they make the transition to full employment in gradual stages.

 We also seek to work in partnership with recruitment agencies.

 Every service we deliver directly benefits two or more residents